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#MYKINDOFWORKOUT came about when Cammilla decided to combine her unique kind of training, effective exercises and many decades of knowledge gained in the professional world of dance and fitness. And throughout all she does this characterizes Cammilla’s mindset and perfectly complements her passion for health and fitness.


In #MYKINDOFWORKOUT she has created an all-round body workout with a mix of elements from barre, ballet, jazz ballet using one's own bodyweight to do powerful target exercises – always with attention to elegance and body posture. Persistence and consistency are key.


Dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere and teaching advanced technical exercises and choreographed movements in motivating classes, Cammilla welcomes all fitness levels. 


Cammilla’s approach is professional and enthusiastic and she teaches with a strong focus on the individual development of the technique, skills and personal goals of her clients.




Members only. For more information please send an email

*Events are primarily held on Saturdays and Sundays. See Events.


What to bring in classes - Yoga mat, Socks (ToeSox preferrable) and waterbottle. 


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LIVE ON boon.tv

Nu kan du også træne med Cammilla hjemme i stuen via boon.tv/mykindofworkout



 Expand you mind

 Nurture your heart

 Develop your body

 Cultivate your soul

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Frederiksberg Studio at BeMoved
Suomisvej 2
DK - 1927 Frederiksberg
Østerbro Studio at Østerbrohuset
Århusgade 103
DK - 2100 København Ø
Nørrebro Studio at Sceneindgangen
Baldersgade 6
DK - 2200 København N

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